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We use carbon credits to offset the emissions from our flights, so that our air travel becomes carbon neutral. The projects we support use the offsets to deliver sustainable and life changing programs that support communities in Borneo and India.


Our first program is underway in Borneo, and one area of focus is preserving critically endangered orangutan and their habitats in Borneo.

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In addition to delivering emissions reductions to help take action to combat climate change (SDG 13) the project delivers a number of other sustainable development benefits.
These include:

  • Life on Land (SDG 15): Indonesia has the largest number of threatened mammal species in the world and the fourth largest total across flora and fauna species types. Adjacent to Tanjung Putting National Park, Rimba Raya provides an important natural buffer which strengthens the management capacity of the park. With the latest GPS technology, mobile phones are used to collect data during field surveys for biodiversity monitoring.
  • Clean Water and Sanitation: (SDG 6) By minimizing land use change, the project is helping to prevent downstream flooding. Through local partnerships it is also training communities to manufacture and sell inexpensive water filtration devices, to provide clean drinking water.
  • Zero Hunger (SDG 2) : Training on the growth of cash crops such as fruit trees offers communities an alternative source of income. Improved fishing technologies and agricultural training also helps improve food security.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8): The project is building community centers offering facilities for park and project staff as well as for community organizations. They will supply news and radio communication facilities, libraries, and social and agricultural training programs.

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