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Aircraft throttleProviding value to the air transport community is extremely important to SITA. It is with this in mind that in 2015, SITA introduced Community Value as a corporate objective based on a new Community Value Index (CVI).

The Community Value Index helps us understand and measure what our members and customers value most from SITA. Their views and opinions shape the future of SITA and ensure that we continue to deliver the right solutions to the community. 

We measure our success on 10 key drivers:

  • Actively engaging with the air transport industry to bring about positive change
  • Delivering ICT solutions to meet the needs of the community
  • Creating a more price competitive market environment that results in greater customer choice
  • Collaborating with the industry to develop and implement global standards
  • Delivering innovation which directly responds to air transport industry challenges
  • Reducing the total cost of ownership through delivery of shared infrastructure and community solutions
  • Ensuring presence with staff and infrastructure wherever airlines fly
  • The skills, experience and contribution of SITA’s employees   
  • Supporting and servicing the community beyond business as usual
  • Being owned and governed by the air transport community

The index is updated annually when we survey our members and customers to determine how we are performing against the above 10 community value drivers.

The outcome of the survey is based on 50% on the input of the SITA Council and 50% from all our customers.

Community Value Index results*

2016 Target 3.60
2016 Results 3.56
2017 Target 3.60
2017 Results 3.61
2018 Target 3.60
2018 Results 3.76


*Performance measured against 10 community drivers on a scale 1 to 5.

Industry initiatives

We fulfill a huge role in driving industry initiatives. Our community remit ensures close ties to industry associations. Like them, we’re a member-based organization, representing the air transport industry across the world.

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