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The air transport industry (ATI) is becoming increasingly reliant on mobile devices and wireless connectivity. However, airports and airlines may be put off by the costs and logistical issues associated with sourcing, support, managing connectivity and the integration of applications.

SITA's Wireless & Mobility manages all aspects for you, from sourcing the right devices to delivering robust global connectivity with seamless integration of mobile apps.

Device management

Through our partnerships with leading device manufacturers, SITA provides a full range of managed devices suitable for operational and commercial environments. SITA's Wireless & Mobility lowers your total cost of ownership by managing the entire life-cycle of your devices.


Global seamless connectivity is mission-critical to your operational and corporate environment. By providing seamless global coverage, including cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity from a single offering, Wireless & Mobility is tailored to your application requirements and staff needs.

Integrated applications

With several decades of experience providing systems to the ATI, SITA is ideally placed to integrate and manage mobile applications. We are the only player in the market that combines industry knowledge with application experience and end-to-end mobility expertise.

Wireless & Mobility

How it helps

SITA's Wireless & Mobility enables a number of business changes in the ATI.

From paper to mobile

Airport-based staff can access business-critical information in real time. Moving from paper to digital enables significant admin time reduction, allowing users to focus on their main job.

Mobile-assisted processes help airport-based staff deliver better passenger service and make ground-based operations smoother and more efficient.

Enabling workforce collaboration and communication across various siloed workgroups considerably enhances information flow and helps minimize disruption impacts. This agile way of working means it's simpler to make the right decision, in good time and every time.

Other benefits

  • Improved operational performance – instant access to operational data improves the passenger experience and the management of costs
  • Improved asset tracking – machine-to-machine connectivity tracks equipment and improves the management of assets


  • Global business-grade cellular coverage across 180 countries and territories
  • Cellular solutions built with the ATI's need for reliability and performance in mind
  • ATI-specific airport Wi-Fi services
  • A single end-to-end solution or the option of specific managed components
  • Professional / Land mobile radio for airports upgrading or refreshing their radio systems

Why us?

Only SITA provides end-to-end mobility that is globally supported and integrated into the ATI’s existing IT infrastructure.

SITA’s end-to-end management provides a flexible approach to mobile solutions. It also minimizes handoff and support issues.

SITA has the ability to integrate single mobile elements as part of an overall solution – for example, rolling out devices you have already sourced.


SITA’s Wireless & Mobility includes Wi-Fi solutions that cover operational airport areas, as well as device sourcing and support for airports and airlines worldwide.

SITA provides business-grade availability and bandwidth to ensure application performance. We also ensure close integration with other ATI applications and offer field service onsite at the airport.

SITA manages mobile connectivity at hundreds of airports using thousands of devices. We have managed the rollout and support of mobile applications for airlines around the world. We also manage and operate radio systems in airports around the world.

Global coverage

SITA provides mobile services in 180 countries and territories, covering 96% of the world’s air market. Our partnerships with over 200 operators ensure our prices are locally competitive.


SITA Global Services

Wireless & Mobility is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS), which provides global business continuity through a flexible  service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world. Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.

Dedicated SGS command centers and field services manage mission critical network services, which are the communication backbone of your business.


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Wireless & Mobility

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SITA’s Wireless & Mobility portfolio offers global connectivity and air transport industry-specific applications to improve ground processes.
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