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Increasing national prosperity by promoting trade and tourism into the country, while at the same time protecting national security, is a goal for governments around the world.

Traditional Visa processes can be both time consuming and confusing for travelers, requiring them to physically submit their passport and other details as part of the necessary risk assessment and eligibility checks. For travelers from Visa exempt countries, quite often the process is too open with insufficient checks in place.

SITA Travel Authorization is a modern and flexible electronic visa (eVisa) application and issuance solution and an electronic travel authorization (ETA) capability allowing you to greatly reduce the time needed for submission and assessment for each traveler.

Additionally, by combining SITA Travel Authorization and SITA Advance Passenger Processing (APP) products, you can achieve the ICAO recommendation of implementing a travel authorization solution, alongside an interactive Advance Passenger Information (iAPI) system. This enables a real-time visa check at the point of check-in.

SITA Travel Authorization enables the digital transformation of your travel authority processes, including:

  • A flexible eVisa application solution with workflow to efficiently process and risk assess each application
  • An ETA solution providing the equivalent for non-visa holders, exporting the border to the country of departure
  • Provides collection of biometric, ePassport and other traveler information as part of your identity verification process
  • Incorporates both mobile and web channels which are simple to use for you and your travelers
  • Integrates with SITA Advance Passenger Processing (APP) to meet the ICAO recommendation of implementing travel authorization alongside iAPI
  • Enables you to securely open up your borders to promote travel and tourism

How it helps

SITA Travel Authorization gives you advance notice of who wants to travel to your country, enabling you to:

  • Improve facilitation and lower the cost of processing inadmissible travelers – thorough eligibility and risk assessment of all travelers in advance of departure
  • Improve security – robust documentation checks, biometric identity verification and intelligence-led risk assessment
  • Improve operational efficiency – transform legacy paper-based, manually intensive processes to more efficient modern, digital equivalents
  • Increase tourism and trade – a convenient and simple means for travelers to make the application to enter your country

Why us?

SITA Travel Authorization combined with SITA Advance Passenger Processing enables you to comply with ICAO’s guidance on implementing an Electronic Travel System (ETS). This supports real time denial of boarding based on the latest risk assessment, admissibility status and watch list checks.

SITA Travel Authorization is integrated with our other border management products to provide you with a complete end-to-end border management capability.

This brings together:

SITA has provided governments with travel information and border management solutions for more than 20 years.

This integrated approach to border management is unique to the SITA Border Management product suite.


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