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Identifying individuals or groups you don’t want to travel to your country and stopping them from boarding their flight or vessel, is the critical capability of a layered border management strategy. It is also known as ‘exporting the border’.

SITA Advance Passenger Processing (APP) provides you with the ability to manage your borders in real-time. It does this by risk assessing travelers, based on the data they submit at check-in and making real-time decisions to deny or allow travel to, through or from your country. This effectively allows you to ‘export your border’ offshore to the point of embarkation and prevent travelers identified as high risk from traveling to your country. Alternatively, you can choose to allow them to travel but organize appropriate intervention actions on arrival.

In addition to preventing high risk individuals or groups from traveling, where travelers are identified as low risk, arrangements can be made to facilitate their border processing on arrival, for example, through the use eGates. By preventing high risk individuals or groups from traveling, and automating the entry of low risk travelers on arrival, you can achieve significant efficiency savings in border operations.

SITA Advanced Passenger Processing can be implemented as a stand-alone service or as part of a layered and integrated approach to border management. Within a layered border management approach, APP makes risk assessment at the vital check-in stage of a traveler’s journey. It is complementary to the risk assessments made of other data, such as ETA/Visa and PNR (booking) data, submitted at other journey stages. Together  these layers of information build a comprehensive view of the traveler. Through integration with government watchlists and databases, including Visa/ETA, Passport and Interpol SLTD, APP supports all border management stakeholders and allows more effective risk assessment decisions to be made.

Carriers and travelers also benefit from APP. For carriers, it removes the costs and liabilities of transporting and repatriating ineligible passengers. For travelers, it provides greater safety and surety of travel and a smoother border processing experience.

SITA Advance Passenger Processing has been specifically designed to provide high performance, highly resilient operation, optimized to provide the necessary functionality and meet the data needs of a real-time interactive service.

How it helps

SITA Advance Passenger Processing gives you the tools you need to vet individuals before they travel in, through or out of your country. It allows you to introduce new and improved border control processes and free up valuable resources.

SITA Advance Passenger Processing features and rich functionality will enable you to:

  • Support ICAO standards to fulfill international obligations under United Nations Security Council resolutions UNSCR 2178 and 2396 relating to Counter-Terrorism
  • Define business rules, based on border management policy, to automatically determine what risk assessment is performed and what actions are taken based on vetting results, for example:
    • Check each traveler’s data against individual or combined border agency watchlists and databases to identify high risk persons of interest
    • Check all ePassport / MRTD documents against expiry date and against all those reported as lost or stolen
    • Check each traveler's data against Visa/ETA databases to verify eligibility to travel.
  • Stop high risk individuals from traveling to your country by issuing a ‘no board’ directive
  • Issue a ‘Contact the Government’ directive requiring the carrier to clarify some discrepancies in the submitted data before allowing travel.
  • Facilitate joint agency review and decision-making to determine the responses to be taken in the case of complex or unclear risk assessment results,
  • Dynamically plan the allocation of border management resources based on the pre-assessed risk of each flight and pre-determined intervention actions.
  • Validate all data received, to ensure that all information used in risk assessment is accurate and reliable
  • Features designed to allow interoperability with iAPI services and support the evolving requirements of the community of APP users


Why us?

SITA has provided governments with travel information and border management solutions for more than 20 years. SITA Advance Passenger Processing (APP) is currently in use by 19 countries and over 500 airlines around the world, processing in excess of 600 million interactive passenger checks annually. This unparalleled experience and expertise means that we are uniquely able to implement APP services in a matter of a few months and rapidly cut-over airlines who are already APP certified and connected to SITA’s global telecommunications network.

SITA Advance Passenger Processing can be implemented as a stand-alone service or as part of a layered border management approach. Integrated with other components of our iBorders Border Management portfolio, it can provide you with a complete end-to-end border management capability.

This brings APP together with:

This integrated approach to border management is unique to the SITA Border Management product suite.


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