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SITA Omnichannel Services are an advanced range of communications solutions available in the cloud, enabling airlines, airports, governments, and organizations to operate cost-effectively and with agility across the organization, whether at headquarters or in the smallest remote station.

The transformation from legacy voice infrastructures to integrated-IP platforms is well underway throughout the business world. SITA Omnichannel Services simplifies your business by consolidating voice, data, audio, and video into one platform delivering benefits such as:

  • Improved customer global collaboration experience
  • Personalized communication and collaboration services
  • Multi-application automation
  • Optimized resources and reduces costs
SITA Omnichannel Services

How it helps

SITA Omnichannel Services enables seamless collaboration with employees, partners, and customers by providing a personalized, fit-for-purpose communication and collaboration platform. It lets passengers communicate with their favorite airlines and airports in the most intuitive and convenient way.

The services provide a simple way to use popular social media platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, Wechat, Viber) to communicate with employees, partners, and customers.

The services also allow integration with your applications (e.g. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics) to significantly improve your time in responding to your customers and increase the productivity of your employees.

Whether you want to keep costs down, modernize your airport, provide your passengers with a connected experience or expand your route, SITA Omnichannel Services helps achieve your strategic imperatives.

SITA Omnichannel Services


SITA Omnichannel Services allows for greater, easier and more powerful interactions between employees, customers and partners, while improving the overall efficiency and responsiveness of each organization. Whether it's audio and video conferencing or data exchange, your team will benefit from real-time collaboration through higher productivity and greater ease-of-use.

Ease of transition

With SITA’s vast knowledge of the air transport industry (ATI) and access to more than 550 airports, we make moving from your legacy infrastructure to a new platform a quick and seamless process. During the transition, we help you adopt best practices while allowing you to increase central control over your entire network. This helps reduce the overall complexity of your infrastructure and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Cost savings and commercialization

A single point-of-contact with SITA saves you time by having one service contract and one support process in place. You also save money by simplifying the procurement process and taking advantage of our flexible pay-per-user and usage-based models. You can also create new revenue opportunities by offering SITA Omnichannel Services as a service to airport tenants and other business partners.

25,000+ users are supported at 550+ airports.


SITA delivers 8 million contact center calls every month to Malaysian Airlines, American Airlines, MoneyGram, LATAM Airlines, Air China, Oman Air, Lufthansa InTouch and many others.

Why us?

With our in-depth knowledge of the ATI business and our technical expertise to provide and manage services across 220+ countries, SITA can help you with the digital transformation of your business.

SITA’s simplified procurement means you’ll have a single:

  • Point of sale and accountability
  • Maintenance contract
  • Integrated bill
  • Support process
  • Set of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SITA’s billing is usage-based and priced per user. It leverages flexibility through multiple contracts, multiple currencies and taxes.

Finally, SITA helps you select and execute a progressive approach that is tailored to your specific needs, with a combination of:

  • Solutions
  • Networks
  • Know-how
  • Cloud capabilities
  • Worldwide presence


Stay connected to your passengers

Cloud solutions can keep your workforce connected to your passengers regardless of their physical location. 

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