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Efficient operations don’t just happen, it takes the combined effort of many departments sitting at the airport to make air travel possible. However, today these units rely on people, systems and tools scattered around the airport. With SITA ControlBridge, you can breakdown the silos to coordinate, monitor and control all airport operations centrally. Improve collaborative decision making processes and boost your adaptability to changes in daily operations.

SITA ControlBridge seamlessly integrates the command and control capability of an airport across multiple traditionally standalone functions - airport operations, physical security, engineering and facilities management, baggage handling, emergency response, airport IT service desk – to create a single integrated airport control center. The outcome is improved operational efficiency, optimized resource management as well as quicker decision making and emergency response capabilities.

SITA ControlBridge puts you in complete control.

SITA ControlBridge

How it helps

Reflecting our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry processes, work environment, technology and integration capabilities, SITA ControlBridge, our solution for total airport management is comprised of:

  • Professional services - consult, design, build and support   
  • Managed technology - platform services and applications, including 3rd party

Key benefits

  • Enhances decision making due to a comprehensive view of the full airport operations – landside and airside
  • Improves cross-departmental operations optimization and controls operational complexity
  • Minimizes flight and passenger disruption through a single coordination point during irregular operations or emergencies
  • Lessens the negative impact of adverse weather conditions, as the decision-making process allows for anticipation and a redistribution of resources, to facilitate a more rapid recovery phase
  • Complies with EUROCONTROL Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Program and SESAR Airport Operations Centre (APOC) Concept


Consolidating from three or six control centers to one will result in a:

  • Reduction in operating costs due to improved operational efficiencies and resources optimization
  • Reduction in facilities total cost of ownership, through consolidation of infrastructure, reduction in IT support and reduced energy costs

Key features

  • Professional Services - Across the operational model, work environment and enabling technology, our team will help you determine the goals, expectations and requirements and guide you through the complexities involved with realizing your Airport Integrated Control Center (AICC).  We’ll continue to work with you throughout the lifecycle of your system to ensure optimal performance.
  • Data ingestion, analytics and presentation – enabling cross-departmental/stakeholder situational awareness and KPIs monitoring
  • Applications suite - airport operations workflow management, planning and analytics tools, physical security and facilities management, event correlation, workflow management tools
  • End User Computing (EUC) and video wall – market disrupting approach, leveraging common off the shelf (COTS) components and SITA System Integration capabilities
  • Network operating system – enabling common-use seating plan as well as role-based authentication and applications provision
SITA ControlBridge
Use cases
Improve communication and coordination among different departments, get consistent and accurate data, optimize your decision-making process and increase your passengers' satisfaction. - 214 kb

Why us?

The three critical components of an airport command and control capability are the operational model, the work environment and its supporting technology.

The traditional design/bid/build project approach, used in the design and construction of airport control centers, segregates the work in these critical areas across multiple suppliers. SITA ControlBridge is the only single-supplier solution that comprehensively addresses all three of these critical dimensions.

It’s the combination of consulting services, work practice change-management support, feature-rich cost-effective technology and in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry that sets our solution apart.  We’ll help you transform the way you operate and allow you to more effectively focus on your mission – high quality and safe air travel.

Ready to take control of your airport?

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SITA Global Services

This product is supported by a dedicated multilingual operations team which provides monitoring and support 24/7/365 from command centers in Montreal and Singapore, ensuring global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.


Use cases

SITA ControlBridge

- 214 kb
Improve communication and coordination among different departments, get consistent and accurate data, optimize your decision-making process and increase your passengers' satisfaction.
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Airport Integrated Control Center

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The Airport Integrated Control Center (AICC) brings together the people, processes and data sources to provide an integrated view of an airport's total business operation.
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