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SITA Application Performance and Service Management optimizes and manages end-to-end communication infrastructure and applications with a focus on end-user performance. It enhances the end-user experience of your online applications and keeps you in pace with market-leading technology.

Application Performance

The Application Performance component improves the performance of e-commerce portals to enhance productivity globally. It uses market-leading technology from Riverbed, CDNetworks and Dynatrace and integrates them seamlessly into communications platforms, data centers, airport locations and outstations. Application Performance leverages market leading products and services tailored to your business to ensure your applications achieve optimal performance and faster adoption by end-users.

Service Management

Our Service Management component optimizes your network by enabling performance adjustment and business applications to meet your expectations. It has an exemplary implementation track record for service management infrastructure in emerging markets and BRIC countries.

Application Performance and Service Management

How it helps

Keep up with market-leading technology

Whether you are looking to reduce the costs of customer service, modernize your airline, expand your routes, provide a connected passenger experience or acquire new generation aircraft, Application Performance and Service Management  helps you address your strategic imperatives.

Application Performance and Service Management helps to grow your market via the e-commerce portal, improves company-wide productivity initiatives, and deploys IT cost-saving initiatives such as data center and server consolidation – without compromising performance for outstation users. It also improves and streamlines your processes at the airport, including delivery of engineering applications and heavy content to aircraft.


Application Performance and Service Management is feature-rich and comes with:

  • Traffic Management Riverbed –assessment and design software to optimize applications such as MS Exchange and SharePoint traffic
  • B2C website application optimization – content acceleration and dynamic web acceleration programs enhance the end-user experience

Why us?

Only SITA provides a single operational interface for the entire Application Performance and Service Management portfolio. It integrates seamlessly with SITA’s other Communication and Infrastructure Services (CIS) platforms such as Regional Internet Gateway (RIG), AirportHub communications and the ATI Cloud.

SITA’s global reach for service management and optimization services is unmatched – especially in emerging markets and BRIC countries. We have the capacity to provide integrated service management across your entire infrastructure – end-to-end with ATI-specific needs in mind.


SITA Global Services
Application Performance and Service Management is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) which provides you with global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.  

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services. SGS command centers and the Cloud Center of Excellence are dedicated to ensuring SITA’s Cloud Services fully support network availability and end-to-end response time requirements.


Use cases

Application Performance

We can improve the performance of applications over any network including MPLS IP VPNs, Ethernet, satellite and mobile – from any network provider.
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Full network connectivity & application optimization

SITA uses unrivaled business knowledge to design, deliver, deploy and manage the fittest and most cost-efficient IT infrastructure.
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SITA & Riverbed

Peter Elsey, Director Service Providers, Riverbed Technology, and Yin Au-Yeung, Senior Product Manager, SITA, discuss the most common issues and joint solutions to optimize and accelerate...
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Use cases

Service Management

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SITA manages daily operations, resolves all incidents and, with stringent SLAs in place, guarantees current and future network performance.
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