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Every airline in the world does business with SITA. We develop and manage integrated technology solutions and services through seamlessly connected platforms that unlock hidden value from airline and aircraft systems. SITA’s knowledge of, and investment in, advanced technologies are powering a digital shift in, and reinvention of, airline and aircraft operations. We are improving performance and delivering a more seamless passenger experience, making air travel more connected, efficient, safe and sustainable.

Connected Aircraft Solutions

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  • Airline applications solutions that digitally transform flight operations at take-off, inflight and landing
  • Aircraft data management solutions, that facilitate seamless collaboration between airlines and aviation digital service partners, driving mutual benefits
  • Inflight Cabin connectivity solutions for passengers, delivered through a single provider that differentiates airline brand and harmonizes user experience
  • Aircraft communications solutions that provide global coverage, flexibility and innovation for all aircraft and supported networks, simply delivered

Featured resources

SITA Smart Path

SITA Smart Path uses biometrics as the single identification token at every step in the passenger journey. It is easily integrated into existing airport infrastructure and airline systems.

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SITA Smart Path Drop and Fly

Lower your operational costs and offer a better travel experience with SITA Smart Path Drop and Fly, our state-of-the-art new-fit bag drop unit. 
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Put your bags in our hands

Track and manage bags from check-in to final destination and be prepared to comply with Resolution 753.
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On-demand connectivity wherever you fly

SITA’s AirportHub™ is an airport-wide shared platform offering international communication services to airlines and other players at more than 300 international airports.
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