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SITA WorldTracer® Bag Delivery Service allows you to manage and track the delivery of delayed bags with local couriers. It is a fully automated, end-to-end solution with sophisticated reporting tools and real time tracking. SITA WorldTracer® Bag Delivery Service helps airlines, ground handlers and couriers to repatriate passengers’ bags as quickly and efficiently as possible, lowering costs and enhancing the passenger experience.

How it helps

There are several challenges involved in manually processing baggage delivery orders (BDOs):

  • Extra workload – dealing with manual requests for baggage delivery adds to a courier’s workload
  • Delays in repatriation – contacting the relevant courier and handing over the bag information can take time
  • Higher risk of error – baggage information handover involves extra admin, such as writing and typing, which often leads to errors
  • Lack of visibility – once a bag has been picked up by a courier, airlines have no way of tracking its progress
  • Environment – unnecessary waste of paper

SITA WorldTracer® Bag Delivery Service can resolve all of these issues, and more:

  • It provides passenger, baggage and delivery information to the courier electronically, ensuring delayed bags are repatriated as quickly as possible
  • It removes the need for paperwork, saving time, money and eradicating human error
  • Airlines can track baggage in real time, check the progress of each delivery and provide passengers with up-to-the-minute status reports
  • Paperless, electronic solution

Passengers can log their requests electronically and check the status of their bags online using the SITA WorldTracer® Self-Service module.


  • Receiving BDO information electronically allows new orders to be processed more efficiently, with quicker scheduling and allocation to delivery drivers
  • Label scanning on pick-up and delivery prevents drivers from collecting the wrong bags
  • Auto closure of single-bag file on a BDO reduces tracing costs and cuts down on admin
  • Tracking bags in real time allows passengers to check the status of their bags online, reducing enquiries to couriers and airlines
  • The system supports third-party applications, allowing airlines and couriers to generate invoices automatically

Why us?

For airlines

  • Provides a consolidated view of all baggage deliveries updated in real-time
  • Quickest way to empower all your couriers with delivery tools, no matter how small or large they are 
  • Easy to train web and app for small and medium sized airlines
  • Simple to integrate with API for the larger airlines

For couriers

  • It is the only service fully integrated into WorldTracer®
  • Provides a website for dispatchers and
  • Provides mobile apps for drivers 
  • APIs to integrate with your existing tools
  • Scans WorldTracer® BDO labels
  • Optimizes routes
  • Tracks drivers’ performance in real time
  • It is capable of sending automatic message updates to passengers, reducing inquiries and cutting down on missed deliveries

SITA Global Services

WorldTracer is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS), which provides global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock and around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems before they impact your business.

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