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SITA Public Address System is a public address system (PA) and media management solution, designed specifically for the air transport industry (ATI). It combines audio communications with real-time visual updates. So, whenever an announcement is made over the PA, a corresponding message automatically appears on video screens across the airport.

By employing the very latest audiovisual technology, SITA Public Address System ensures passengers are kept informed at every stage of their journey through the airport. It can help you improve operational efficiencies, make better use of staff resources and enhance the passenger experience.

It can also help you grow ancillary revenue through targeted audiovisual advertising.

SITA Public Address System Use cases
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8 hours saved per 150 flights  by automating 3 minutes of announcements

How it helps?

With airports and airlines needing to inform passengers of new health and safety regulations, it’s more important than ever to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with your passengers. Best practices will include reminding passengers to maintain social distance throughout the airport and informing them on mask requirements during check-in or boarding.

SITA Public Address System provides a simple, cost-efficient solution.  You can enhance safety compliance, maximize existing resources, reduce queue times, and improve passenger flow. By combining cutting edge audio and visual technology, SITA Public Address System enables you to keep your passengers informed every step of the way.

SITA Public Address System:

  • Integrates with existing flight information display systems and airport operational databases to provide seamless audio and video messaging
  • Ensures passengers receive information clearly and consistently in multiple languages, wherever they are in the airport
  • Allows you to increase ancillary revenue through audiovisual advertising and promotions
  • Features a web-based interface that enables you to make changes from multiple locations in the airport
  • Can be configured into zones, ensuring messages are delivered to the right place at the right time


SITA Public Address System has a significant set of features designed to make operational paging easy and efficient.

These include:

  • Automated flight status updates, such as delays, cancellations, gate changes and carousel assignments
  • Automated, hands-free pre-boarding and boarding messages in multiple languages, saving three to four minutes per departure
  • Simultaneous audiovisual presentation of airport information, such as flight status updates and security messages
  • A powerful software-based system, giving the airport full control over zoning, volume, message management and language
  • Emergency messaging and mass notification capabilities, providing lifesaving information alerts and textual support in multiple languages
  • A high availability system design, providing redundancy and fault tolerance for critical system hardware and software. This ensures the system is in operation at all times.


  • Ensures passengers receive timely information
  • Facilitates automatic messaging, allowing agents to focus on customer service functions
  • Provides equal access to disabled passengers and provides clarity in dynamic airport environments
  • Enhances public safety
  • Improves the flow of passengers through the airport
  • Increases overall passenger satisfaction

SITA Public Address System

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Why us?

SITA is the world’s leading air transport and communications specialist. No other supplier has our global reach or our years of experience, and our products and services are second to none.

SITA Public Address System forms part of our industry-leading Passenger Information solution suite. It provides simultaneous voice and video messaging, so travelers receive clear and consistent information, wherever they are in the airport. It integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and is compatible with AODB, direct airline data interfaces and FIDS systems.

SITA Public Address System is available to airports across the world. It can be used as a standalone or fully integrated component of our SITA Airport Management Solution.

SITA Global Services

This product is supported by a dedicated multilingual operations team that provides monitoring and support 24/7/365 from command centers in Montreal and Singapore, ensuring global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems before they can impact your services.

SITA Public Address System Use cases
- 214 kb

8 hours saved per 150 flights  by automating 3 minutes of announcements

Airport Management solution briefing

Airport Management is a suite of integrated software applications designed to balance operational efficiency with business results. This brochure focuses on three key challenges faced by airports today and explains how SITA AMS can help airports and airlines address them.

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