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In today’s airport environment, fail-safe communication is increasingly important for the effectiveness of ground-based operations. The more you rely on these communications systems, the more critical they become.

SITA’s Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) provides reliable, secure and robust connectivity that is the foundation of many air transport processes. It' is a complete turnkey solution for airports, airlines and ground handlers that need fast reliable communications.

SITA provides state-of-the-art radio systems, enhanced indoor coverage and cross-technology communication platforms. Our platform enables seamless integration of smartphone technology, allowing radio users to communicate in groups with their smartphones.

SITA Professional Mobile Radio Use cases
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How it helps

SITA Professional Mobile Radio is delivered through new, improved radio terminals and best-in-class Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).


  • Fully managed service, from installation to operation and management
  • Uses open standards, guaranteeing interoperability and avoiding technology lock-in
  • Smooth, proven migration path from a legacy radio system
  • Airport-specific applications, including flight-oriented dialing and database queries from a portable device
  • Standard interfaces to enterprise telephony, IPT or PBX, with the option of a single dialing plan
  • Smartphone integration and applications


  • Trunked radio – Trunking increases traffic capacity by dynamically assigning radio channels to subscribers for the duration of their call. This means more information can be transmitted over the same radio bandwidth.
  • Fixed and dynamic user groups – Group call features include pre-defined communication groups and groups that can be assigned dynamically. These can be used as processes or deployment of resources.
  • Flight-oriented dialing –This enables immediate communications between all personnel involved in the turnaround of an aircraft at the gate. By dialing the flight number, each individual member (i.e. ramp agent, loadmaster, cargo, catering or cleaning) can be contacted via simple task code and the flight number.
  • Smooth migration – Many airports are already equipped with expensive in-house systems. SITA ensures seamless integration and maximizes the reuse of the existing systems.

Professional Mobile Radio (PMR)

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Why us?

SITA Professional Mobile Radio solution gives you reliable coverage with minimal impact to your building infrastructure. By improving and optimizing existing systems, SITA PMR delivers immediate gains in efficiency and operational effectiveness.


  • Maximized service utilization can become a source of revenue
  • Eliminated capital expenditure
  • Improved reliability
  • Expedited intervention times

We provide robust technology to enable communication across multiple technologies. We have existing partnerships with key suppliers in the field, including Rohill, Sepura and Zinwave. Our solutions combine local and cloud virtualization, providing the best of both worlds.

Perhaps most crucial of all, we work exclusively with the ATI and understand its needs. We know how ATI and third-party applications work and the systems they interact with.

SITA Global Services

This product is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) that provides global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock and around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact services.

SITA Professional Mobile Radio Use cases
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  • While SITA can procure all devices, we have preferred suppliers that can provide a range of devices – from FM and hand portable to vehicle-mounted radio and desktop devices. By combining these with an effective distributed antenna system for indoor coverage, this will ensure an airport has an  unrivaled radio system with ‘always connected’ availability.

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Düsseldorf International Airport - enhancing operations

We selected SITA because of its strong track record and know-how in delivering communications solutions specifically for airports.
Thomas Schnalke, Managing Director of Düsseldorf Airport
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Use cases

SITA Professional Mobile Radio

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State-of-the-art PMR systems with up to 99.99% reliability, delivered through new, improved radio terminals and best-in-class distributed antenna systems (DAS).

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