You need solutions to safely reopen your borders and return to realizing the benefits that travel and tourism bring. People are looking to travel again, either for business or for recreational purposes, but need to feel confident that they are not putting themselves or their loved ones at risk. The situation remains fluid: as borders open, we see that infection rates in other countries are changing rapidly which leads to a very dynamic and difficult problem to manage. New approaches are being looked at. For example public health corridors, air bridges or travel corridors but these bring with them difficult logistical challenges.

SITA Health ETA enables you to:

  • Operate your borders safely, by assessing the health status of travelers before they embark on their journey
  • Re-open your borders in a controlled manner considering for example the health status of points of embarkation
  • Incorporate the contact data obtained into national test and trace initiatives
  • Make decisions whether to permit entry of an individual prior to them traveling – known as ‘exporting the border’
  • Be responsive to handle rapidly changing situations
  • Use an information driven approach based on real-time data
  • Provide an easy to use solution for travelers
  • Quickly implement the solution with minimal impact on carriers
  • Comply with IATA and ICAO’s guidance to capture and process health declarations in advance of travel

SITA Health ETA allows you to open your borders safely, with confidence and in a controlled manner, focusing on the individual traveler.

Additionally, by combining SITA Health ETA and SITA Advance Passenger Processing (APP) products, you can achieve the ICAO recommendation of implementing a travel authorization solution. Alongside an interactive Advance Passenger Information (iAPI) system, it enables a real-time health check at the point of check-in, allowing denial of boarding to passengers identified as high risk.

How it works

SITA Heath ETA is a complete solution for obtaining traveler health declarations and issuing Health ETAs pre-departure.

It can help you to:

  • Gain assurances on the health status of each traveler
  • Incorporate traveler information into test and trace initiatives
  • Identify high health risk travelers and prevent them from ever reaching your border
  • Support your prosperity by enabling the safe movement of people and goods in a controlled manner

Why us?

SITA Health ETA allows you to operate your borders safely by assessing the health risk presented by individuals before they travel. It allows you to comply with IATA’s guidance on pre-travel health declarations to return to realizing the benefits of travel and tourism.

For further protection, SITA is uniquely positioned to deliver SITA Health ETA along with SITA Advance Passenger Processing to approve or deny travel to individuals based on the health risk at the point of check-in. This is full compliance with ICAO’s advice on enforcing the result of pre-travel authorizations.

SITA Health ETA is integrated with our other border management products to provide you with a complete end-to-end border management capability.

This brings together:

SITA has provided governments with travel authorization and border management solutions for more than 20 years.

This integrated approach to border management is unique to the SITA Border Management product suite.

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