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SITA End User Managed Workplace is a complete solution for removing the burden of supporting users in remote locations. It is designed for airline outstations which are usually relatively small and highly distributed. 

SITA End User Managed Workplace provides a modular solution with everything from hardware provisioning to software delivery and patch management. This will give your international outstation users the same level of service you give your HQ users.

Our knowledge of the ATI makes us unique in being able to offer this service.

SITA's Centre of Excellence supports 1000+ field engineers

How it helps

It is difficult for airlines to provide the same services for their outstation users as those in their HQ or main campus. This is true even for those with the most sophisticated end user computing environment.

Many are trying to increase their IT offering for global users, to keep pace with the ever-increasing dependency on the digital workplace.

SITA’s local presence means that our solution considers your outstation environments. This lets us provide a greater level of service to your international users, removing the burden from your IT department.

SITA End User Managed Workplace is a modular solution that ensures your international outstation users benefit from the same level of service as your main HQ users.

Why us?

We use tools that minimize the bandwidth used to provide services to remote users as those on the main campus. These are coupled with our knowledge of key airline applications and peripheral hardware.

SITA also boasts a device management Centre of Excellence that supports our 1000+ field engineers and provides remote support.

And of course, our local presence.

SITA's Centre of Excellence supports 1000+ field engineers

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