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SITA Connect Community solutions give airlines secure, reliable network connectivity for common-use front desks where airlines don’t need high bandwidth levels all the time.  This provides added flexibility and interoperability with Common-Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE). 

It runs on the most widely distributed and shared network infrastructure in over 550+ airports and more than 166 countries. Only SITA can offer such a complete suite of entirely managed passenger check-in and boarding applications.

SITA Connect Community DCS provides airports with convenient and affordable IP connectivity. It runs over the reliable SITA Connect network, between your workstations/kiosks and your Departure Control System (DCS) host. 

SITA Connect Community Internet allows the air transport industry to share secure Internet access at the airport and adopt web-based applications that help your airport to improve business application performance while reducing your costs and ensuring security.

SITA Connect Community is available in 550+ AirportHub™ airports serving more than 166 countries.

How it helps

SITA Connect Community DCS

IP network connectivity continues to be an important service for the ATI, and many new applications require it to deploy the latest technologies. SITA has the experience and infrastructure to deliver a secure, cost-effective IP network service to airlines and ground handlers.

SITA Connect Community DCS   offers reliable, entry-level IP connectivity for common-use terminal equipment (CUTE) and kiosks. It is based on shared devices, eliminating infrastructure investment and significantly reducing monthly costs compared to dedicated connections.

Typically, if you have multiple legacy connections in a single location, it is cost-effective to migrate to IP.


  • Based on our SITA Connect infrastructure – ensuring network availability
  • Host connection – delivered on a shared-cost basis, provided by SITA and DCS
  • Internet access – option for accessing pre-defined URLs
  • Seasonal connections – option for locations with adequate shared infrastructure


  • Reduced costs
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved passenger processing
  • Enhanced customer service

SITA Connect Community Internet

An increasing number of industry stakeholders are moving to web-based applications to keep costs down. But they’re facing slow and complex processes for acquiring Internet connectivity at airports.

Deployed on top of our existing AirportHub™ infrastructure, SITA Connect Community Internet provides secure online browsing for web-based applications within the CUTE environment. It offers quick delivery for your back-office needs, improving business application performance whilst reducing costs.

Not just an Internet service, SITA Connect Community Internet also offers security against theft and threats, protecting you against hacks and viruses.

Key features:

  • AirportHub™ – provides flexible and reliable communication services at the airport
  • New browser-based end-user applications
  • Interoperable with CUTE – access to pre-defined URLs
  • Enables the back office to connect to the internet
  • Standard Security Suite "Firewalls through Internet gateway", ensuring security
  • Seasonal connections – option for locations with adequate shared infrastructure


  • Increased agility and security
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved application performance
  • Expedited configuration – days not weeks
  • Simplified pricing

Serving more than 275 airlines – including British Airways.

Ambition to serve 80% of all airline destination airports in the near future.

Why us?

Deployed in 550+ airports SITA’s AirportHub™ is a shared connectivity platform offering reliable, flexible, and cost-effective communication services to airlines, ground handlers, and maintenance companies. This end-to-end solution can be installed and fully managed by SITA on behalf of the airport tenants at no cost to the airport operator.

We provide a complete suite of managed passenger check-in and boarding applications that are fully integrated with network communication services to the departure control hosts.

SITA Global Services

SITA Connect Community is supported by a dedicated multilingual operations team that provides monitoring and support 24/7/365 from command centers in Montreal and Singapore, ensuring global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.

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Use cases

SITA Connect Community Internet

- 237 kb
The adoption of web-based applications as a way to reduce costs is becoming more widespread in the industry, while the availability of fast and secure Internet access is a key success factor for airlines. SITA Connect Community Internet provides reliable and cost-effective Internet access running on SITA Connect and powered by the ATI Cloud.
Use cases

SITA Connect Community DCS

- 224 kb
As a fast-growing airline, you want to roll out new IP applications to all of your remote users. Operating in a common use terminal equipment (CUTE), or common use self-service (CUSS) airport environment, you use technology that requires reliable IP connectivity. Express IP offers the flexibility you need.

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