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When a pandemic like COVID-19 occurs, you need be able to react dynamically and proactively as the situation evolves. Since each country is affected at a different rate and at different times you need to be able to adapt your border protocols appropriately.

SITA APP Protect is designed to address your needs for managing health risks to your country during a pandemic and beyond. SITA APP Protect provides you with the ability to risk assess and allow or deny travel of each individual at the point of check-in. This is known as exporting he border. This is a powerful capability that prevents a threat from physically presenting itself in-country or, alternatively, allowing travel to occur but arranging for special handling upon arrival to contain the risk.

When coupled with implementation of a Health ETA service, it provides a powerful interlock to check that each traveler has completed the required health checks and is eligible to travel. If a Health ETA is not found or is found to be invalid, the traveler can be denied boarding and required to complete an ETA application before attempting to re-commence his journey.

APP Protect - exporting the health border

Because SITA APP Protect is a variant of SITA’s highly successful APP border management service, it is well proven and capable of rapid deployment. SITA provides comprehensive support services to assist in initial business rules configuration and implementation of ongoing changes to rapidly engage and certify carriers. We also provide ongoing 24/7 operational support services.

How it helps

SITA APP Protect provides you with the ability to:

  • Manage your borders in a flexible and controlled manner taking account of the health status of individuals, countries and travel itineraries
  • Make decisions at check-in of each traveler whether to deny entry or to allow travel providing the ability to proactively prevent the threat reaching your physical border
  • Make more efficient use of resources by vetting travelers and pre-arranging intervention or expedited processing on arrival
  • Be responsive to handle rapidly changing situations
  • Use an information driven approach based on both the near real-time assessment of traveler check-in data and analysis of historical data
  • Leverage an existing solution that is well proven, quickly implemented and causes minimal impact to carriers and travelers

Carriers and travelers also benefit from APP. For carriers it removes the costs and liabilities of transporting and repatriating ineligible passengers. For travelers it provides greater safety and surety of travel and a smoother border processing experience.

Why us?

SITA has provided governments with travel information and border management solutions for more than 20 years. SITA Advance Passenger Processing (APP) is currently in use by 19 countries and over 500 airlines around the world, processing in excess of 1.2 billion interactive passenger checks per annum. This unparalleled experience and expertise means that we are uniquely able to implement APP services in a matter of a few months. We can rapidly cut-over airlines who are already APP certified and connected to SITA’s global telecommunications network.

Unlike other interactive Advance Passenger Information (iAPI) services, which have been implemented individually as diverse systems, SITA Advance Passenger Processing solutions adhere to a common standard specifically designed to provide high performance. It is highly resilient and optimized to meet the functional and data needs of a real-time, interactive service. In implementing APP Protect, you will join a strong community of APP users. You will benefit from sharing best practices and defining the evolution of the service to meet all of your border management needs.

SITA APP Protect is implemented as a stand-alone service. However, it is capable of being upgraded to provide a fully integrated security/facilitation service. It can be implemented as part of a layered border management approach, integrated with other components of our SITA Border Management portfolio. It provides a complete end-to-end border management capability.

This brings SITA Advance Passenger Processing together with:

  • SITA Travel Authorization (eVisa and ETAs)
  • SITA API PNR Gateway (Manifest and booking data)
  • SITA Intelligence and Targeting (advanced risk assessment)
  • SITA Border Control (entry-exit systems at the border point).

This integrated approach to border management is unique to the SITA Border Management product suite.

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