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SITA Message Relay is a simple, cost-effective messaging service. It allows you to share key information with fellow members of the ATI quickly and securely, via your existing email application. By converting complex Type B messages to easily understood email formats, it can help to streamline your communications, cut costs and improve operational efficiency.

SITA Message Relay:

  • Facilitates the seamless exchange of Type B, Type X, Telex and Fax messages using your existing email servers
  • Connects you with over 2,400 air transport companies across the globe
  • Protects your email data using state-of-the-art address mapping, domain hiding, anti-spam and anti-virus filtering
  • Integrates with your existing email application, reducing operational costs and installation fees
SITA Message Relay Use cases
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2,400+ members to exchange operational messages via SITA's messaging community

How it helps

The air transport industry is becoming more complex every year. With thousands of global partners and the growth of paperless travel, the reliable exchange of electronic information is more crucial than ever.

SITA Message Relay provides an intelligent, straightforward solution. It allows you to send and receive Type B operational messages safely and securely, using your standard desktop email.

SITA Message Relay:

  • Enables transparent mapping and conversion between Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Type B messages
  • Allows you to receive messages through your existing email application
  • Is easy to install, with low upfront investment and minimal running costs
  • Provides a single, integrated messaging solution – saving you time, money and unnecessary disruption 


  • Connect via private or public IP
  • Maximum throughput rates customizable to your needs (subject to agreement)
  • Use of existing customer domain without the need for DNS management
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus scanning
  • Message queuing, store and forward functions for when your server is down


  • Ensure savings on cost of ownership by using your existing email client and existing SITA or internet connectivity
  • Access Type B and other messaging domains, such as Type X, Telex, etc. directly from SMTP
  • Benefit from a fully-managed, scalable and flexible solution, optimized for high-volume application traffic throughput
  • A single, cost-effective solution that is also suitable for low-volume, human-originated traffic

Why us?

SITA is the world’s leading air transport and communications specialist. No other supplier has our global reach or our years of experience, and our products and services are second to none. We are the leading provider of managed messaging services to the ATI. We connect to more than 2,400 ATI members across 200 countries and territories.

SITA Message Relay enables you to share mission-critical data with global partners, safely and securely. Because it works with your existing email application it reduces your cost of ownership.

SITA Global Services

SITA Message Relay is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) which provides global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock and around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact services.

SITA Message Relay Use cases
- 210 kb

2,400+ members to exchange operational messages via SITA's messaging community

Community Messaging: the backbone of the ATI

Operational messaging is an invisible - but critical - aspect of doing business in the air transport industry (ATI).
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