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It can be challenging to provide and manage telephony or unified communications for your end users across multiple sites globally.

SITA IP Telephony addresses these challenges with a fully managed service that best suits your needs. Our flexible operational framework allows for managed, partially managed and integrated service models connected with the world’s most extensive IP communications network.

Through technologies like Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft, we collaborate with providers like Orange Business Services to provide efficient solutions customized to your needs.

We offer a flexible commercial framework that allows for seamless pricing that lets you choose between capital or operational pricing models. We work with you to determine which structure is most convenient and cost-effective for your business, saving you time and money.

SITA IP Telephony Use cases
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25,000+ corporate telephony users are supported by SITA

How it helps

SITA IP Telephony services offer flexible technology for the addition, deletion and relocation of your end users and system communications infrastructure.

  • Professional services - Our engineers and consultants assess your requirements and help you adopt a unified communications architecture that best suits you
  • Integration services – We’ll help you to buy, test, configure, ship, install, maintain and monitor your equipment globally. We are actively involved from planning to implementation, ensuring proper handing over to SITA operations to perform the management.
  • Managed services - Our end-to-end management ensures a high-quality service with a single, integrated solution that eliminates multiple-vendor complexities. SITA also ensures your IT systems have minimal downtime. Our integrated customer care model includes lifecycle management and customer service.

Your benefits

SITA IP Telephony helps control your telecommunications costs while providing high-quality, consistent voice services to your:

  • Sales team
  • Back office
  • Call center agents


Cost optimization and increased ROI

  • Remove the costs of maintaining a large technical team to support multiple sites globally.
  • Redeploy your technical team to perform higher-value functions

Enhanced end user experience

  • High-quality, easy to use and consistent level of service for all types of users and sites globally

Operational efficiency

  • One account team with one contract for all SITA services
  • Future-proof and ready for new technologies

Proof points

SITA supports more than 25,000 end users globally, serving customers from industries like airlines, shipping, government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

SITA IP Telephony Use cases
- 222 kb

25,000+ corporate telephony users are supported by SITA

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