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The complexity of the border environment requires a deep knowledge of historical traveler flow patterns, border wait times, future forecasted demand and the likely impact of last-minute changes and disruptions.

SITA's iBorders® BorderPerformance ensures governments have comprehensive statistics, detailed performance metrics and powerful predictive tools to dynamically match resources against the changing demands of border operations.

iBorders BorderPerformance Use cases
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3.7% annual growth in global air passenger journeys over the 2015–2035 period (Source: IATA 20-year Passenger Forecast)

How it works

iBorders BorderPerformance provides tools that are highly graphical, allowing border officers to easily visualize the situation at the border, combining a broad set of data sources and presenting the data so that it is easily understandable. It provides dashboards, forecasts, traveler flow management, and resource scheduling tools that provide complete coverage of border operations and the building blocks to visualize, analyze, control and plan all border operations with optimum performance.


  • iBorders BorderPerformance Dashboard provides visualization of the overall situation at the nation’s borders at a glance, including traveler flows and risks, with the ability to drill deeper into the data. The dashboard can be customized to present the most valuable and useful information authorized for each user depending upon their role.
  • iBorders BorderPerformance FlowManager provides insight into the real-time flow of travelers across the nation’s borders, helping border management agencies monitor, predict, reduce and manage the buildup of queues.
  • iBorders BorderPerformance ResourceManager allows governments to go one step further by creating optimal resource plans based on automated analysis of historical volume and risk data, current and future resource availability (including both personnel and facilities) and future demand predicted by the system.

iBorders® BorderPerformance

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Your benefits

More effective control, planning and reporting

iBorders® BorderPerformance is ideal for border management agencies who wish to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and management of their borders, particularly those with resource challenges due to unpredictable demand, evolving security threats and budget constraints.

Advanced reporting and analysis tools provide statistically based views of past, current and predicted trends to accurately match demand with resource allocation, resulting in less stress on frontline officers and improved security.

Improved front-line efficiency drives enhanced traveler flow and travel experience.


SITA Global Services

This product is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) which provides global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock and around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact services.

iBorders BorderPerformance Use cases
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3.7% annual growth in global air passenger journeys over the 2015–2035 period (Source: IATA 20-year Passenger Forecast)

Open for business

Governments have made progress in identifying security risks without creating long queues at passport control. But they still need to find new and smarter ways of doing more with less.
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Use cases

iBorders Insight

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Reporting and analysis tools that support fast and effective decision-making, so as to optimize the utilization of available resources.

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