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With an increasing number of cyber attacks worldwide, as well as the frequent changes to industry-specific security compliance and regulatory laws, the current cyber landscape for the air transport industry (ATI) is complex and requires smart allocation of resources and budget.

At SITA, we understand that to protect the aviation industry, it is not enough to be just a cybersecurity expert. Effective cybersecurity requires a thorough understanding of our customers’ business drivers and an appreciation of the industry’s complex IT environments and interconnected systems. We know what processes and assets are critical to sustain business operations and we can advise the best ways to protect them. 

SITA’s CyberSecurity Consulting team builds on our position at the heart of the ATI as a key IT solutions provider for more than 65 years. We leverage our knowledge of delivering and managing technology solutions for critical business processes for airlines, airports, air traffic controllers, air cargo, governments and ground handlers, connecting over 13,500 ATI locations worldwide.

Gartner recommendation to strategic planners:


95% of airline CIOs are planning to invest in major cybersecurity programs over the next three years. 

How it helps

Ultimately, business leaders must decide when a formal cybersecurity program is necessary to protect their brand and business. A consultation with SITA CyberSecurity experts will help to better evaluate your vulnerability and risks while getting clear advice on the level and depth of action needed to protect your business.

SITA’s CyberSecurity Consulting can help with:

Identifying the cyber threat

Aviation organizations have valuable assets and processes that could have vulnerabilities to be exploited by internal/external threats. SITA’s aviation-specific methodologies and tools can assess your unique environment to identify key risks to aviation-specific assets.

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  • Aviation 360 Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Aviation Business Risk Assessment
  • Aviation CyberSecurity Awareness and Training

Protecting your technology assets

You may have been running a cybersecurity program for many years. But is it still efficient? Does it still protect your most valuable assets and processes from ever-evolving threats? SITA CyberSecurity Consulting will support you with the development and implementation of your cybersecurity programs.

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  • CyberSecurity Program Coaching
  • Aviation Assets Cartography & Classification (under development)
  • Aviation Maturity Assessment

Detecting cyber attacks

You need to be able to quickly detect any compromised systems to limit possible disruption to business operations. SITA’s aviation-specific methodologies and tools help you to define and detect the suspicious behavior, as well as any new and emerging aviation-focused threats.

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  • Aviation SOC Transformation
  • Aviation SOC Audits & Improvement
  • Aviation Threat Discovery (under development)

Preparing for and reacting to cyber attacks

Aviation organizations face cyber attacks all the time and the ATI’s distributed nature and multi-stakeholder environment make an effective response uniquely complex. SITA can provide decision makers with key insights on how to react to a cyber attack and make crucial incident response decisions quickly.

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  • Aviation Cyber-Crisis Simulation (under development)
  • Aviation Cyber-Crisis Process (under development)
  • Incident Response Retainer (under development)

Why us?

With our in-depth expertise of the air transport industry and with existing tried and tested cybersecurity experience, we provide a truly tailor-made cybersecurity solution to the industry.

SITA created aviation cybersecurity tools and methodologies leveraging 70+ years of working within the air transport industry.

We bring: 

  • Understanding of airlines and airports’ critical business processes
  • Understanding of airlines and airports’ critical IT assets and how to best protect them
  • Understanding of airlines and airports’ organizations, including key people performing critical business processes
  • The identified need to foster collaboration and information sharing between members of the air transport community to facilitate industry-wide responses to cyber threats and help mitigate risks of business disruptions
  • Participation on aviation security standards and guidelines defined in our industry
  • Intelligence regarding aviation cyber-threats, with regular survey, metrics and trends
  • Expertise in aviation cybersecurity, developing SITA’s tools based on well-recognized cybersecurity frameworks and aviation-specific standards

Our customers will benefit from: 

  • Understanding the aviation cyber-threats, key critical activities and IT assets to protect
  • Gaining visibility regarding the level of cybersecurity maturity, globally or on key defined scope, taking into account industry recommendations
  • Prioritization of efforts on critical activities, protecting the core activities first when planning extension to less critical scope
  • Ensuring efficiency and relevance of their cybersecurity program, tailored to the air transport industry
  • C-level and business-oriented reports, translating the technical view into an aviation business-oriented speech, illustrated by key industry figures (e.g. cost per flight delays, cost per BAX mishandled, etc.)

95% of airline CIOs are planning to invest in major cybersecurity programs over the next three years. 

Detect, prevent, react

Dealing with cyber threat is a complex challenge, no matter where you are on the cyber security journey our specialist can help you put in a place an effective cyber security strategy.
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As cyber-criminals’ tactics become ever more sophisticated and their attacks more coordinated, many airlines and airports are struggling to stay on top. SITA CyberSecurity is a comprehensive suite of expert security services that focus on the specific needs of the air transport industry (ATI).
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Protecting your business from cyber attacks

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Uniquely tailored to the needs of airlines and airports, SITA CyberSecurity helps to identify and detect cyber attacks before they occur.

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