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BagJourney provides airlines and airports with a cost-effective way of complying with IATA’s baggage tracking Resolution 753. Building on our baggage data delivery services – BagMessage and Type-B – it provides a precise picture of a bag’s current location.

It tracks a bag’s precise location, status and change of custody by collecting meaningful data throughout a bag’s journey. It takes all this data and transforms it into a simple, structured view of baggage events, no matter the sender or recipient. This data also helps airlines challenge prorated repatriation charges.

BagTrust, a new BagJourney feature for all SITA baggage customers, lets you effectively manage your GDPR policy. You can decide which partners have access to which pieces of data in BagJourney.

The patent pending NetScan option offers a mobile tracking app available through the cloud.

BagJourney Use cases
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BagJourney helps airlines to comply with IATA resolution


How it helps

Airlines need to produce tracking manifests and exchange baggage tracking data with other stakeholders. IATA Resolution 753 also requires member airlines to maintain an accurate inventory of bags through the major stages of their journey. These stages include:

● Check-in

● Loading

● Transfer

● Delivery on arrival

Tailored for mobile applications, the system maintains real-time bag handling status using standard IATA baggage information messages (BIMs). The current baggage status can easily be understood by handling agents, customer service staff or passengers. Manifests are also created automatically.

The service is integrated with WorldTracer® – the only global tracing and matching service of delayed bags. This lets bags be continually tracked, even if they’re mishandled, enabling airlines to reject mishandling charges by proving they are not at fault.

Key features

  • Use of existing message structures and networks
  • Mobile integration delivery via Internet
  • Customer-controlled business rules
  • ATI Cloud hosted baggage data warehouse
  • Easy deployment of baggage tracking options:
    • NetScan offers a mobile tracking app
    • BagTrac records tag numbers as they pass automated tag readers 
  • Control GDPR data restrictions and manage access with BagTrust


  • Enhanced passenger experience
  • Increased use of mobile apps
  • Reduced mishandling costs
  • Eased burden of regulatory compliance (IATA Resolution 753)
  • Improved operational efficiency

Why us?

SITA has led the air transport industry in providing baggage tracking and tracing solutions for more than 25 years. Today, more than 500 customers at nearly 2,800 airports worldwide use our baggage management solutions. By facilitating communications between airlines, as well as local baggage handling and reconciliation systems, SITA helps ensure bags reach their final destinations.

SITA Global Services

Our dedicated multilingual operations team provides constant monitoring and support from command centers in Montreal and Singapore. They work to proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems – often before they impact your services. They’ll also ensure your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock and across the world.

BagJourney Use cases
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BagJourney helps airlines to comply with IATA resolution


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With SITA's BagJourney we can follow passengers' bags through every stage of their travels, which helps reduce mishandling and delays.
Abe Dev, Senior Technology Manager, Etihad Airways
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SITA BagJourney is a fully managed end-to-end baggage tracking platform, using existing networks. It is a ready-to-go, cost effective solution for complying with IATA Res 753.

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