The use of datalink contributes to the safety and efficiency of air navigation during all flight phases. SITA’s ATS AIRCOM Future Air Navigation System (FANS) enables air navigation service providers (ANSPs) that provide FANS-1/A service to communicate with participating aircraft. FANS-1/A service includes air traffic services facilities notification (AFN), controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) and automatic dependent surveillance contract (ADS-C).

SITA has been involved in the development of FANS from the beginning. In 1994, SITA started work with Boeing, Airservices Australia and the US Federal Aviation Association (FAA) to achieve Part 25 Certification of the FANS-1 package. Since then, SITA has worked closely with all parties to ensure the interoperability of all system elements.

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airlines supported by SITA's AIRCOM datalink

How it works

SITA’s ATS AIRCOM FANS provides access to aircraft using SITA’s AIRCOM Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) datalink service.

Key features

  • Enables aircraft position information to be automatically down-linked
  • ATS Internet, working with other communications service providers to allow access to aircraft using a non-SITA ACARS datalink service

Managed service

  • AIRCOM operations service desk that provides 24/7/365 support and monitoring
  • AIRCOM specialist technical support
  • Service advisories
  • Monthly traffic and performance reporting


ATS AIRCOM® FANS click here to enlarge

Your benefits

The use of datalink by ANSPs assists in overcoming issues associated with voice operations and procedures.

SITA’s ATS AIRCOM FANS leads to reduced flight times and delays, resulting in lower costs to the aircraft operator.

ATS AIRCOM FANS facilitates standard phraseology by using pre-formatted messages to reduce the risk of misunderstanding, thus enhancing safety.

Cost efficiency is displayed by ATS AIRCOM FANS, facilitating dynamic routing that helps ANSPs choose a more fuel-efficient flight route.

SITA Global Services

This product is supported by a dedicated multilingual operations team which provides monitoring and support 24/7/365 from command centers in Montreal and Singapore, ensuring global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.

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airlines supported by SITA's AIRCOM datalink

  • The use of datalink contributes to maintaining and enhancing air navigation services safety and efficiency during all flight phases. SITA's ATS AIRCOM FANS-1/A service enables ANSPs that provide FANS-1/A service(s) to communicate with participating aircraft.

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Air Traffic Management

SITA's Air Traffic Management (ATM) helps the air transport industry (ATI) make sure that aircraft are safely guided in the skies as well as on the ground. Learn more by watching this engaging video. 
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Air Traffic Management 2018 highlights

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With the growth in air travel comes the need for ANSPs to grow airspace capacity safely, by improving networks to boost effectiveness across communications, navigation aids and surveillance. The 2018 ATM Highlights covers some of the transformations taking place.
Technical specifications

ATS Datalink descriptions and locations

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We have been delivering ATC datalink solutions and services, worldwide, since the start of their use in the ATC. View descriptions, as well as locations around the globe.

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