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Head of SITA Command Center
Rohit Bhatnagar

Rohit Bhatnagar is Director Service Operations for SITA's Singapore Command Center. He has worked for the company since 2008. Rohit has over 20 years of service and technology leadership experience with large size global IT organizations in complex and mission-critical IT environments spanning the Telecom, Oil & Gas, and Air & Travel Industry.

Together with his team, he ensures IT continuity and availability for mission-critical IT infrastructure and applications for global airport and airline customers through central IT operations.

Latest blog posts

Working through the pandemic: Rapid terminal consolidation at Manila International Airport

Published on  11 May 2020 01:30  by Rohit Bhatnagar

With an urgent mandate from the local airport authority, how could we do in 48 hours what would normally take weeks?

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The best recovery plans are built on up-to-date technology

Published on  05 January 2018 12:26  by Rohit Bhatnagar

In our business, we must always improve. That means keeping IT infrastructure up to date. Outdated and unreliable underlying technologies are unlikely to be compatible with the concept of IT readiness.

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