Strategic technology research for the ATI

SITA Lab is SITA's strategic technology research arm. Our role is to stimulate technological innovation in the air transport industry (ATI) and bring emerging technologies into SITA's portfolio. We innovate in collaboration with airlines, airports, and technology specialists globally.

Having some of the most experienced and dynamic developers in the air transport industry (ATI), SITA Lab is heavily investing in emerging technologies and investigating the enhancements they can bring to passenger and crew journeys. From Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to blockchain and biometrics, we are stretching the abilities of these technologies to their limit to find new cutting-edge solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

New innovations and ideas arising from internal discussions as well as external requests are developed and market-tested within a secure environment.

SITA Lab has helped create many world-firsts in air travel - from first exit check using just facial biometrics to the use of intelligence machines such as KATE, our autonomous check-in kiosk.

Data management

The air transport industry generates a huge amount of data that holds the potential to increase collaboration and drive more efficient, seamless journeys.

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Identity management

Leveraging SITA’s existing self-service technology together with the use of mobile and biometrics technologies, SITA Lab is working with governments, airlines and airports to speed up identity checks for passengers. 

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Intelligent machines

Using artificial intelligence has the potential to radically change manual airport processes, alleviating required stops and interactions. It will allow people to be more efficient by freeing them to focus on other tasks.

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Mixed reality

SITA Lab worked with Helsinki Airport to use HoloLens to reproduce the airport operational control center (AOCC) in this mixed reality environment.

Enter the mixed reality

Tracking baggage

SITA Lab is exploring new technologies that will allow airlines, airports and ground handlers to track baggage every step of the way. This initiative also helps airlines meet IATA Resolution 753.

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