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The air transport industry is experiencing an evolution in the distribution of airline content into the marketplace. IATA NDC standards have also grown and been developed to meet this demand. Such lack of conformity presents both airlines and sellers with high development costs and missed distribution opportunities. 

In this sense, ATPCO and SITA are developing an industry owned solution that works as a neutral hub performing real-time message transformations between airlines and sellers, supporting multiple industry standards and versions.

NDC Exchange, an industry-owned platform to support the adoption of IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) for air fares and ancillary sales, will enable the quick adoption of NDC, while lowering the cost of compliance to the schema and supporting complex interlining as airlines migrate to the new distribution format. 

NDC Exchange will provide simple, cost-effective API connectivity for airlines and their partners to facilitate data exchange. The service has already been successfully piloted by several major international airlines. 

NDC exchange can:

  • Translate multiple XML message formats so they can be freely exchanged, enabling airline industry interoperability between NDC stakeholders.
  • Assimilate a variety of industry standards, including NDC, Open Axis, and Open Travel Alliance
  • Enhance the entire process, from shopping through fulfillment.


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