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At SITA, our innovation focus is on collaboratively developing technology solutions and services for the air transport industry.

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SITA Lab is SITA's strategic technology research arm. Our role is to stimulate technological innovation in the air transport industry (ATI) and bring emerging technologies into SITA's portfolio. We innovate in collaboration with airlines, airports, and technology specialists globally.

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Data management

Data management

The air transport industry generates a huge amount of data that holds the potential to increase collaboration and drive more efficient, seamless journeys.

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Identity management

Identity management

Leveraging SITA’s existing self-service technology together with the use of mobile and biometrics technologies, SITA Lab is working with governments, airlines and airports to speed up identity checks for passengers. 

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Intelligent machines

Intelligent machines

Using artificial intelligence has the potential to radically change manual airport processes, alleviating required stops and interactions. It will allow people to be more efficient by freeing them to focus on other tasks.

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  • KATE, the autonomous kiosk

    Fluctuating passenger flows present a challenge in airports. What if kiosks could move themselves? KATE will autonomously move to congested areas as needed. 

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  • Leo, the baggage robot

    Leo, a fully autonomous, self-propelling baggage robot has the capacity to check in, print bag tags and transport up to two suitcases with a maximum weight of 32kg.

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Mixed reality

Mixed reality

SITA Lab worked with Helsinki Airport to use HoloLens to reproduce the airport operational control center (AOCC) in this mixed reality environment.

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Tracking baggage

Tracking baggage

SITA Lab is exploring new technologies that will allow airlines, airports and ground handlers to track baggage every step of the way. This initiative also helps airlines meet IATA Resolution 753.

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Community innovations

SITA is owned by the air transport industry. We are passionate about working with airlines, airports and governments to introduce new technology and solutions that will benefit the entire community.

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Solving industry challenges

Solving industry challenges

With the aim of benefiting the entire air transport community, SITA has  launched five initiatives to explore new solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. These include baggage tracking; Identity management; building a disruption warning system; NDC and cybersecurity.

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AIRCOM® FlightTracker

AIRCOM® FlightTracker

Responding to the industry’s demand for improved aircraft flight tracking, SITAONAIR’s AIRCOM FlightTracker guarantees regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft.

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The air transport community is facing increased risk from cyber-attack. SITA is working to play a more significant role in mitigating these threats for the air transport community.

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  • Cyber Threat Center

    The SITA Community Cyber Threat Center (CCTC), launched in 2017, is working to support a community-wide response by promoting the proactive and timely exchange of contextualized, actionable cyber threat information between its members.

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  • Event: Aviation Cybersecurity Symposium

    The fourth SITA Aviation Cybersecurity Symposium was held in Frankfurt in October 2019, bringing together more than 35 IT and cybersecurity specialists across the air transport industry globally.

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The first air transport industry community hub for APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), making it simpler for developers to build complete passenger, airport and aircraft solutions across the travel journey.

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NDC Exchange

NDC Exchange

ATPCO and SITA are developing an industry owned solution that works as a neutral hub performing real-time message transformations between airlines and sellers, supporting multiple industry standards and versions.

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We innovate. Together

0Working with 20 industry bodies to set standards
040 staff participating in 55 working groups
0Backed by our partner Orange Business Services
08 patent applications to date owing to the SITA Lab's work, including SITA's first ever US patent
01st to provide exit check using your face as a passport
01st autonomous self-propelling baggage robot
01st autonomous check-in kiosk

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SITA strives to reduce costs and drive efficiencies. More than that, we aim to deliver radical change, using disruptive technologies to benefit air transport. Watch our Innovation playlist on YouTube to learn more.


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