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Switch from paper bills to e-invoicing and we’ll help the International Tree Foundation protect and restore forests. 

Did you know that SITA currently sends out around half a million sheets of paper per year in legal invoices? That’s over 65 trees worth of paper each year*. 

Switching to e-invoicing with SITA is easy to do and helps us reduce the environmental impact of customer invoicing – not just from the paper, but all the associated impacts of printing, mailing and delivery too. 

Your SITA monthly invoice can be delivered vie e-mail on demand. Simply visit the billing section of the SITA portal under the tab “E-INVOICING REGISTRATION” and select the accounts you wish to switch. You can also add additional contacts from your company with the same domain name (eg. @smartair.aero)  to receive SITA e-invoices. For example, you can add your Accounts Payable contacts so they can book and pay your SITA invoice more easily. 

seedling trees in greenhouseFor every customer account that switches to e-invoicing this year, SITA will donate US $1 to International Tree Foundation, a well-established forestry organization that supports community-led forestry and agroforestry projects in Africa and beyond. In 2016, ITF launched their Centenary Campaign: 20 Million Trees for Kenya’s Forests which aims to restore some of Kenya’s most important highland forests by 2024. Switching to e-invoicing will help us to support this and other environmentally, economically and culturally important projects through ITF. 

Simplify your payables. Protect and restore forests. Switch to SITA e-invoicing today. 

* source: 1 tree = 8,333 sheets of copy paper

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