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We engage with customers through our Customer Advisory Board and many user groups to involve the community in determining strategies and directions.

Customer Advisory Board

Our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is a forum to ensure that the customer's voice helps shape the evolution of SITA's strategy, portfolio and service capability. It seeks customer insights on key industry issues that SITA might address for the benefit of the air transport community.

Our CAB members, each invited to take part in the forum, consider applications and processes where SITA could play a unique role in providing services. The forum seeks input on a range of topics, from market and technology trends impacting air transport, to SITA’s portfolio and customer service capability.

Examples of CAB user groups

  • Airport Steering Committee / Technical Sub-Committee (ASC / TSC)
  • BagManager / BagMessage / WorldTracer user groups
  • Passenger solutions user groups
  • AIRCOM / AIRCOM Server user groups

These groups address issues big and small – from the role of telecommunications in the air transport industry to sector-specific issues such as cargo, flight operations and airports.

Customer forums give us the opportunity to further share our industry experience and know-how with our worldwide customer base, including the development of new applications and solutions. In return, we receive valuable feedback on industry priorities and requirements.

Airport Steering Committee / Technical Sub-Committee (ASC / TSC)

  • Resolve administrative issues
  • Shared services pricing
  • Contracts
  • Standards
  • Service levels
  • Input and feedback on current and future products and services
  • Two-way communication conduit into the customer’s organization.
  • Aims to agree on global issues including operating systems, migration paths and future enhancements

BagManager / BagMessage / WorldTracer user groups

  • Forums for discussion between users of the respective systems (owners, airlines, handling agents) and SITA
  • Exchange experiences
  • Suggest cost savings
  • Recommend interfaces to related systems for baggage handling and security
  • Keep the respective systems ‘best of breed’ among existing baggage management
  • Suggest and discuss new developments for related software and information technology
  • Recommend development priorities

Passenger solutions user groups

  • Horizon Working Group
  • e-Commerce
  • Airfare
  • Airfare Price
  • Departure Control Services
  • Reservations
  • Revenue Management
  • Ticketing

The above user groups:

  • Suggest and discuss new developments for their respective products
  • Prioritize key initiatives for mid-term development (12 months)
  • Exchange experiences among other customers
  • Speak face-to-face with SITA representatives

Aircraft Services / AIRCOM Server user groups

Aircraft Services user group

  • Informs customers of service performance
  • Informs customers of technology evolution used by AIRCOM service
  • Informs customers on use of AIRCOM for air traffic control
  • Informs customers of planned evolution of the service
  • Informs customers of technology evolution used by Flight Briefing service

AIRCOM Server user group

  • Inform customers of latest developments in AIRCOM Server software
  • Inform customers of how overall AIRCOM projects align with AIRCOM Server development plans
  • Discuss and agree on future developments

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