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The SITA Air Transport Community Foundation was established with the SITA Council with the aim to provide education and ICT to the next generations of young people in Africa. 

In a continent that is growing economically and has huge potential, the SITA Council recognized the need to create access and opportunities in education and IT.

The United Nations Global Goals have also helped the SITA Air Transport Community Foundation frame our thinking and guide our decision-making when choosing which projects to support - with a particular focus on two key goals: Quality Education and Gender Equality.

By selecting programs that embrace education and equal access at schools and university, the initiative is building a sustainable approach to learning and broadening the horizons of students and teachers who may not otherwise have the chance.

Since its first year of operation in 2015, the Foundation has given support to young people in Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In partnership with the charities ComputerAid InternationalPEAS, and the Wits Foundation, the foundation has, to date, impacted over 83 000 youth.

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With projects in Ethiopia, South African, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe we aim to visit the schools and teachers we support on a regular basis to hear their stories and understand how the funding is making a difference. 

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The UN Global Goals have helped the Foundation guide our decision-making when choosing which charity partners we choose to work with. Our aligned thinking has resulted in many successful projects with these groups.

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