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The Rimba Raya reserve covers 65,000  hectares of peat swamp forest in Central Kalimantan, Borneo.

Sited alongside the Tanjung Puting National Park it is bordered by the river that  runs to the Java Sea. Within the Rimba Raya reserve are a number of villages, accessible mainly by the river. The work of the Rimba Raya program helps these villages through livelihood development, education support and local employment.

A program of  tree planting is underway to support villagers who need access to the forests to gather timber to build their homes and the long boat and canoes (klotoks) used for fishing. We planted some Shorea Balangeran trees, which themselves are critically endangered. They will be ready in around 25 years - by which time there should be many more of them as the replanting efforts continue. Around 2,000 trees have been planted to date - with the aim to plant a further 22,000.  

Villagers have been working to create plant nurseries for the trees required for the reforestation.

The quality and depth of peat is a key indicator for biodiversity. Rimba Raya are coming to  the end of  a three year program that has seen some 600 samples of peat, plus biodiversity surveys undertaken across the 65,000 hectares. This will help them to better plan reforestation and monitor progress and growth rates over the coming years. 

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