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SITA has recycling collection points in many offices

In many of our offices, SITA has implemented recycling of everyday items, such as paper, plastics, batteries and toner cartridges. In addition, the use of paper with high recycled content is encouraged.

A program to install multifunction printers in major sites and the removal of local printers continued, with the benefits including less energy use as a result of fewer devices, reduced need for consumables, and the ability for print to be activated by passcode – meaning no unnecessary printing.

In a number of our locations, employees are given incentive to use public transport. Support of car and van share programs saw our Atlanta office receive a certificate of accomplishment from the Clean Air Campaign.

As SITA updates its premises or moves to new sites, a review of environmental opportunities for improvement is always undertaken. This has seen the implementation of energy efficient, motion sensitive and smart lights and better use of natural lighting. These improvements have all contributed towards the reduction in energy intensity shown as well as improving the office environment. As these activities take place, we also undertake an amnesty for old IT equipment and mobile phones, as well as encouraging a ‘spring clean’ before moving to new office space.

Following a move to new floors in our Geneva office, we recycled five tons of paper and recycled two containers of equipment, in addition to recycling our office furniture to employees or charities. The move to more energy efficient space will continue our downward trend of energy consumption in this office. Also in Geneva, SITA was awarded Eco-engagement status through the Eco-Label Program. This is an initiative to recognize companies in districts in Geneva that commit to sustainable development.

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