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SITA retains a strong commitment to understanding, managing and reporting its environmental impacts.

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Throughout SITA’s business we have implemented activities that support our intent to reduce our environmental impacts. These impacts are generated through a number of aspects, including energy consumption from our operations, business travel, use of IT equipment, and materials use in our offices. SITA started to collect environmental data in 2011, and now tracks and reports activity across 22 sites in 19 countries. While we have a wide presence across the globe, many of our operations are in premises where we are a tenant, and utilities form part of the overall service contract. Where we are able we collect exact information, but in some sites with multiple tenants, we are assigned a proportion of the overall consumption of utilities. 

Our environmental performance

We set targets against our energy, water and materials consumption for the year. Our performance was good overall, with reductions exceeded against the targets (see 'CSR at SITA', page 8). Influencing factors have included continued improvements in our offices – either during refurbishments or moves to increasingly energy efficient buildings. The implementation of multifunction printers with default double-sided monotone printing has also contributed, as has the use of more energy efficient equipment across our corporate estate. Work started on a product sustainability initiative, and this continues into 2017.

Environmental targets are shared with all staff on our intranet. Each of the sites where we capture data has an online environmental statement that shows metrics, including energy consumption, energy intensity and emissions intensity by quarter. Where available, water consumption and paper use is also reported. In addition, each statement includes the ways that environmental impacts can be reduced at that site, for example by outlining the recycling services available.

Our corporate environmental policy is available for all employees, and sets out our expectations for responsible behavior. Our offices in London, Geneva, Rome, Singapore, Atlanta and Montreal are all certified to ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems). Currently around 47% of our office based employees are covered by the standard.

We started measuring water consumption in three sites (Atlanta, Singapore, Prague) in 2015, and recorded a reduction of 4.4% in water use across these sites in 2016. We have been tracking paper consumption across 24 sites and were able to demonstrate a 3% reduction over the last 12 months.


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